Another Universe may have bumped into ours and we may have PROOF

Scientists believe that ANOTHER universe may have BUMPED into ours, and there’s even proof of that. The Cold Spot area resides in the constellation Eridanus in the southern galactic hemisphere. The insets show the environment of this anomalous patch of the sky as mapped by Szapudi’s team using PS1 and WISE data and as observed... Continue Reading →


Scientists reveal details about 128,000-year-old tooth of mystery human species

It seems that history goes back further than we can imagine, right? After combing through fossils found in a Siberian Cave, archaeologists found a tooth that belonged to a ‘young girl’ who lived in a cave in Siberian more than 100,000 years ago. The tooth is hailed as one of the oldest human species discovered... Continue Reading →

Anunnaki: Alien Gods of Ancient Sumer

The Anunnaki are said to be a group of deities in several ancient Mesopotamian cultures like the Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian. The Anunnaki are also one of the MOST controversial subjects among many people around the globe. Millions of people around the world believe the Ancient Anunnaki are the creators of man and are... Continue Reading →


Did the Anunnaki create mankind over 400 thousand years ago?

Nearly all ancient texts seem to concur that otherworldly ‘beings’ created mankind. No matter what religion, culture or ancient writings we look at, all of them have one thing in common; Life on Earth was created, it did not start by itself, but ‘intervention’ from above was necessary. So that takes us to the question…... Continue Reading →


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