Before Antarctica was covered in Ice—someone mapped it with EXTREME precision

Some 35 million years ago ice appeared on Antarctica according to Experts. Somehow, there are numerous ancient maps that show Antarctica FREE of Ice. How on Earth is that possible? Do you believe that history, as we have been thought in school, is incomplete? What if I told you that there are countless discoveries that... Continue Reading →


Expert says Humans are Aliens—and we were brought to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago

What if Humans are the aliens we’ve been looking for all along? According to experts, humans were most likely crossbred with another species, perhaps from the star system Alpha Centauri –which is one of the closest solar systems to Earth—in the distant past, giving birth to modern humans. Tell Al-Uhaymir modern day Iraq, where the... Continue Reading →

Nikola Tesla’s biographer claims the scientist had contact with aliens

“…He said it sounded just like people talking back and forth to each other. He made notes saying that he was actually hearing intelligent beings from another planet talking to each other, although he didn’t know what language they were speaking. But he still felt he understood them…” Tim R. Swartz, a well-known biographer of... Continue Reading →


Scientists reveal details about 128,000-year-old tooth of mystery human species

It seems that history goes back further than we can imagine, right? After combing through fossils found in a Siberian Cave, archaeologists found a tooth that belonged to a ‘young girl’ who lived in a cave in Siberian more than 100,000 years ago. The tooth is hailed as one of the oldest human species discovered... Continue Reading →


THE UNEXPLAINED Expert claims this 1.7 MILLION-year-old man-made bridge shatters mainstream history

A 1.7 million-year-old ‘bridge’ is the ultimate evidence that humans have been on Earth much longer than thought claims expert. “The ratio of 10:1 (length:width) fits the actual measurements of the bridge observed today.” The former director of the Geological Survey of India believes he has found the ultimate evidence of a 1.7 million-year-old man-made... Continue Reading →


New ‘conclusive evidence’ shows that Turin Shroud DOES show the face of Jesus

New research shows that the Shroud of Turin—the Cloth used to wrap Christ’s body after crucifixion—shows evidence of a violent death for the man wrapped in the Turin Shroud.’ New evidence supports the belief that the shroud DOES show the face of Jesus. Referred to as the Turin shroud is a mysterious cloth that has... Continue Reading →


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